Monday, June 16, 2008

Home cooking

Having a job that requires travel always seemed so daring and exciting .. very jet setter meets professional girl. And in the tradition of "stuff white people like" I enjoy making others think I am well traveled and sophisticated.... Well naturally work travel is pretty mundane and tedious in the real world and even if you are dining out at fantastic restaurants (as I did this last trip) you are still eating. out. every. single. meal. of. every. single. day.

I returned home last Sunday (actually Monday morning after being re-routed through another city on another airline ... and then delayed by magical storms nobody could see or find on radar) and have never appreciated my own kitchen more. Every meal since has been created in house with groceries purchased at whole foods. You can tell when I'm craving fresh food when I buy everything at whole paycheck. The week's menu is below (the new boy thinks I am the most brilliant cook as well... fueling my fire)

Monday: Roasted chicken & vegi thin crust pizza
Tuesday: Run of the mill pasta & thrown together sauce (homemade... just nothing special)
Wednesday: Salad and salmon with a maple glaze and cous cous
Thursday: Fresh veggies with tomato and cracked pepper linguine. Fresh salad.
Friday - went out... the boy felt like rewarding all of my cooking, which is why we're keeping him around for a while.

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