Thursday, August 21, 2008


The "new boy" has become "the boyfriend" and what a great one he is turning out to be. Out of the blue he surprised me with tickets to the Eddie Vedder show at the Warner Theater. Oh, how well he has gotten to know me. I couldn't have been more excited until he suggested we go out to a nice dinner beforehand! Fireworks!

We went to 701 Restaurant. Its within walking distance to the Warner and while ive never heard rave reviews I felt like i needed to try something new (I was so close to picking Tosca again). Its one of those political reception joints that I've been to a million times but never actually dined at. I have always written it off as a somewhat old school place with typical food. What a pleasant surprise to be treated to a three course spectacle. This was during restaurant week so we took full advantage and topped it off with a nice bottle of wine.

We were there pretty early and got seated outside right next to the Navy Memorial. The people watching can be quite a distraction and there was a man who seemed to be taking photos of us ... or of our waiter who may be a serial killer on his off nights. Let me start by saying that there is a caviar selection on the menu. Not just roe on top of my innovative sushi selection - six caviar options ranging from $32 to $145! Also I learned that the roe are described as "berries"! Who knew.

The typically unadventurous boy (we're talking chicken parm at italian places even!) ordered the Tempura Ahi Roll even though his first taste of sushi EVER was this year. It was scrumptious and I ended up pretty much sharing it. I can't remember what i had as an app, so i guess it wasn't that incredible. I had salmon with this very understated but perfectly seasoned puree to top it off. It was a couple of weeks ago and my memory was dulled by a week at the Democratic Convention so i don't know what the boy had, but we were incredibly satisfied with the whole meal.

Eddie couldn't have been better either. (PS - neither of us had this desert but it looked so cool)