Monday, June 29, 2009

Will you go out with me?

A friend asked me for advice on where to take a girl out on a date in DC. So i surveyed a lot of friends for their favorite ideas... (more to come and links to be added... heres the start)
  • Outdoor film festivals with wine and snacks during the summer - list here. My personal favorite is the Crystal City superhero series!

  • SW Waterfront fish market at sunset (map). Get the spiced, steamed shrimp and sit on the dock

  • Walk through the FDR memorial and tidal basin at sunset

  • Driving to K Street (under the whitehurst freeway), parking the car, scaling up the cliff on the side of the Key Bridge and making out - hats off to annie for this suggestion

  • Daytime - Anything at Great Falls. Hiking, biking, maybe running

  • Daytime - picnic at Fletcher's Cove and boathouse. Careful turning across Canal road!

  • Daytime - Glen Echo park for some creepy amusement park fun

  • Dinner cruise on the Potomac. Pricey options: Odyssey, Spirit of Washington, Capital Yacht. Less expensive option is taking the water taxi from Georgetown to either Old Town Alexandria or the National Harbor... they serve beer and wine on board too!

  • Botanical Garden (by the Capitol) or National Arboretum (i think both close at sunset)

  • Dance classes - some options: Lima, Habana Village, The Jam Cellar (alcohol free), Cafe Salsa

  • Jazz - HR57, Blues Alley, Columbia Station, Vegas Lounge, Dukes, (I am specifically leaving out Boheminian Caverns because i had a terrible experience there)

  • DC Improv - almost always a fun time. Skip the food

  • Live music (thats not jazz) - On any random night, check out the bands online first.. if they're remotely good, wander in: Options include: 930 Club, Black Cat, Rock & Roll Hotel, DC 9, Jammin Java, (New) Vegas Lounge, Madam's Organ, Eighteenth Street Lounge, The Red and the Black, Wonderland Ballroom (PBR in cans people). In Virginia: Clarendon Grill, The State Theater

  • Bigger music venues that will most likely require advanced planning: Meriweather, Nissan, Rams Head Baltimore or Annapolis, Wolf Trap (where you can bring your own food and drink!), DAR Constitution Hall, Patriot Center, Sonar in Baltimore

  • Virginia Wineries - favorites include Rapahannok, Terrara on friday evenings,

  • Bars that have live music cover bands - Zanzibar on the Waterfront, Irelands Four Provinces (formerly Four P's)

  • Plays/Musicals/Cultural Stuff - Kennedy Center, Warner Theater, National Theater, Arena Stage, Studio Theater, Ford Theater, Lincoln Theater