Thursday, December 11, 2008


I have been stalking Posto since Viridian closed over six months ago and last Friday, they opened. We had to drive to NY that night but i made my boyfriend and our two friends dine here before we left. Obsessive? yes... but then again Tosca is in my top 5 (or maybe 1) restaurants in the city. In fact Tosca is the only restaurant where i am fully willing to drop $400 + and not miss it in the slightest.

So I'll be honest and say that I am absolutely biased in my optimism toward Posto. First our negative: the service was slow ... bread showed up after my (awesome) appetizer. There was still packing material under our table (which was a bit freaky to feel when you didn't expect it).

However... the slow server was incredibly friendly and honest in his nervousness. He didn't let me taste the 2nd bottle we opened, but for the price the bottle was Fantastic! You could see the manager (or owner?) bustling around... I was slightly sad nobody other than our server came over to see how we were... mostly because i hope to make this one of our regular haunts and i would love to get to know the management (we are young looking so I guess I can somewhat understand).

On to the important part - the food. We'll break this down into two categories. The pizza and the rest of the menu. I had a non-pizza meal and my three companions had pizzas.... my beef tartar was Amazing. I am pretty new to beef tarter ... the only other one i've had was minced .... this one was prepared in small cubes with a spicy vinaigrette and arugula. For my entree I had the tortelli with walnuts and spinach in a cream sauce. It was perfect... not to heavy but filing. Crunchy walnuts next to the soft spinach in sauce that i almost believe wasn't chalk full of butter.

Everyone else had pizza. All were great when the came out... the ones with ricotta got a little soggy .. i assume this is because it was homemade cheese - a nice touch. All three had great taste... the sausage one had a good amount of spice... .the margarita pizza had more sauce than normal but in my opinion that is a good thing.

We left full and happy and not even particularly embarrassed that we happened to break the first wine glass of the restaurant's history!

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